Assembled Today, Designed for Forever

Captor is a 3D printed, vertical takeoff and landing drone for photogrammetry, geospatial survey and close inspections. Designed to be assembled in seconds, with the capacity to carry different payloads and spares that can be reprinted in hours. The end result? A scalable platform that eliminates downtime and increases mission capabilities.

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Scale Up. Whenever

Captor is designed to grow with your needs. The platform comes with a complete set of hardware and software to get you started. The latest in sensor and camera technology is upgradeable and interchangeable at any time. Furthermore, future software and hardware upgrades are pushed by email.

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    Launch and recover from anywhere with vectored thrust motors that enable for takeoffs and landings in extreme weather conditions.


    Change in mission requirements? Captor swiftly tackles different applications by  a quick swapping out of payloads. This enables you to fly any sensor for increased return on investment.


    Captor provides you added insurance by supplying the 3D files that allow you to print a complete airframe at your own convenience. Not once - but an infinite number times at a fraction of the cost and time compared to other solutions. Thereby allowing you to get back on track in no time.

Stacked Performance Layer by Layer

Launch and recover like a multi-rotor from anywhere and in most weather conditions. Fly missions like a fixed-wing and cover large areas in a single flight. Captor gives you the best of both worlds. Made from ASA, an all-weather, UV resistant thermoplastic, Captor is made to last.

Future Proof Technology that Evolves

As 3D printing and drone technology evolve, the Captor system will continue to be improved and receive upgrades. Partnerships with local 3D printing hubs across the globe provide Captor owners with access to more affordable and easily accessible system upgrades and expansions. 

  • Captor VTOL employs Tiger Motors
  • Captor VTOL incorporates hitec servos
  • Captor VTOL mission planning by UGCS
  • Captor VTOL is printed with formfutura filaments


What is included in the system?

Every Captor system comes with a fully 3D printed autonomous drone, 3D printing files, mission planning software from UgCS, a chosen payload, two battery packs and a charger.

When is Captor shipped?

Captor is shipped within 4-5 weeks from the purchase date.

How does 3D printing spare parts work?

Every system purchased comes with all airframe 3D files needed to re-print your own spare parts. The printer build volume should be at least 305x305x305mm. We recommend either the Raise3D N2 or the Zortrax M300 printers. But any other printer with the build volume will do. The material used is called ASA and is a better alternative to ABS. Best results are achieved with good brand filaments. We recommend RigidInk or Formfutura filaments.

Print instructions and settings are included in the manual.

Can Captor carry other payloads than those mentioned?

Captor can carry payloads up to 500g in weight. Size is restricted to 150x80x80mm. If you're particular payload is not mentioned or you'd like to integrate other sensors, please contact us for integration options.

What kind of support do you offer?

All our customers receive personalized, around the clock email and phone support . When you purchase a system, you're required to create an account. This account gives access to our support team and enables us to guide you from setup to data analytics.

Do you offer data analysis software?

Currently we offer Agisoft Photoscan for photogrammetry applications. More software packages will be added. Please contact us for further info.

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