The improved Captor is here

After the initial launch of Captor in mid 2016, we've received a bunch of feedback from early testers which made us make significant improvements to the way Captor is designed, manufactured and used. 

The whole idea behind Captor, is to have a drone that business users can deploy frequently while keeping their running costs in check and upgrade said drone when either their business needs change or the sensors they might use become more advanced. This had to be 3D printing. As with 3D printing, design is free. This leads to initial purchasing cost and the cost of spares being significantly lower when compared to conventional manufacturing. Mind you, we're not aiming for mass produced products here, we're aiming for 5000 units a year, so 3D printing is the way to go for us.

Having the ability to reprint your parts, meant that you, as a customer, should be able to do that on your tabletop printer. These have an average build size of 20x20x20cm. So our largest part couldn't be bigger than that.

To be continued....