Reduce your total cost of ownership

  • Conventional manufacturing is expensive. 3D printing is cost-effective. Cost savings in design, prototyping and manufacturing are passed on to you.
  • Average cost of replacements include potential downtime as you're waiting for your parts. With the Captor platform you can have your spares within a day and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Capital saved by getting Captor, can be offset.

a) Cuts initial investment by (e.g.) 40-60% > (elaborate with real life example minus brand name of competitor)
b) Lowers maintenance cost by (e.g.) 100%. > Average cost of replacement of spare parts can range from $ - $, each 3D printed files costs a fraction of that
c) Extends maintainable product life > allows capital set aside to last longer due to lesser cost of replacement
d) Manage upgrades and repairs whenever, wherever > 3D files provided, parts can be printed on readily available 3D printers.